Educators storm the capitol for Lobby Day!

On Wednesday, Feb. 7, educators from all over Colorado “stormed” the capitol to speak with their legislators about a number of issues including school funding, classroom management, testing and how much they have spent out of pocket for their students and classrooms. Earlier in the week, CEA issued a report about how members, on average, spend about $656 per year out of pocket on their students and classrooms, while the state legislature has given over $100 million to the gas and oil industries in tax breaks alone. Educators handed their legislators “invoices” that document how much they spent out-of-pocket over the last year to ensure their students’ needs were met in the classroom. You can read the report HERE.

Afterward, the educators conducted a “teach-in” in the rotunda of the capitol where Aurora Education Association Vice President and CEA Ambassador Fellow Yolanda Calderon gave a rousing speech on how the legislature freely supports corporations over classrooms and how it’s our obligation as educators to fight back. You can see the speech HERE.

We’re extremely proud of all of the over 100 educators who came to elevate their voices for their students on Lobby Day. If you would like to send your legislators a little note on how much YOU spent over the last year out-of-pocket for your students and classrooms, go HERE to take action.