Senate Finance Committee strips employer contribution increase provision from PERA bill

Republican Senators passed the no shared sacrifice amendment, which strips the employer contribution increase provision to the PERA “fix” bill, despite the state and employers underfunding PERA by $4.5 billion since 2001.

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Platte Valley EA member featured in Chalkbeat's "How I Teach"

"Shannon Wachowski once started a parent-teacher conference by sharing that she was concerned about the student’s lack of motivation. The boy’s mother quickly began adding criticisms of her own — alarming Wachowski enough that she started defending the teen...."

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Every Tues-100

Don't forget to wear #RedForPublicEd EVERY TUESDAY through MAY!


The Colorado Avalanche are hosting

Teacher/Educator Appreciation Night

Saturday, March 24th vs. the Vegas Golden Knights

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Colorado Education Network

The Colorado Education Network is collecting “Promise of Colorado” stories of K-12 school students. CEA members are encouraged to submit pictures of their own child (not of their students) with a quote on why the child is the promise of the state’s future. The Network is using this initiative to start community conversations on increased school funding. Click HERE to find out how to submit your child’s picture and quote to advance this worthy project.